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Valued Service Partner (VSP) vs. Service Partner (SP)

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When you work with a Service Partner in connectMLS, it allows you to…

  • Easily manage your Service Partner contacts (i.e., Lenders, Title Companies, Inspectors, Insurance Agents, Home Warranty Company, Attorneys, etc.). To access these features, click the My Service Partners link located on your My MLS Home Page.
  • Refer any of your Service Partners automatically based upon client type and status, or manually based upon individual client needs.
  • Display your Service Partners’ contact information on your client’s private connectMLS web page.
  • Designate how your Service Partners should contact your referred clients.
  • Invite any of your Service Partners to participate with you and your clients in the embedded Transaction Management System (TMS).

What is a VSP in connectMLS?

VSP stands for Valued Service Partner. A VSP is a Service Partner who has upgraded to dynaConnections’ connectMLS Valued Service Partner program. While a Service Partner (SP) has limited capabilities in connectMLS, a Valued Service Partner (VSP) has many features that are beneficial to you and your clients.

In the referral process, your VSP can…

  • View both your contact information and your referred clients’ contact information.
  • View your designated instructions on how to contact your clients.
  • Display their contact information, services, and logo on your referred clients’ Web page.

Click here to see how Valued Service Partners (VSP) and Service Partners (SP) view their Referral information from their private connectMLS web page, and how your clients view the Service Partners (SP) and Valued Service Partners (VSP) you refer to them on their private, connectMLS Client web page.

In the Transaction Management System (TMS), your VSP can…

  • Update transaction milestones (statuses) to keep you and your clients informed.
  • Upload documents for you and others to securely and quickly view, save, and share.
  • Respond to service orders by sending/receiving messages.

Making everyone on your team a Valued Service Partner (VSP) will save you time and increase your professional appearance to your clients.

If you would like us to contact one or more of your Service Partners about becoming a Valued Service Partner (VSP) in connectMLS, please click the link below and fill out the necessary information.

Click here to make your SP a VSP!

Click here to learn more.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact dynaConnections Corp. by telephone, at (512) 306-9898, or by email at [email protected]


Updated on February 9, 2019

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