Transaction Documents

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Accessing documents in the Transaction Management System (TMS)

  1. Access the Transaction Management System (TMS) by clicking on the My Listings/Transactions link or icon on the My MLS Home Page.
  2. Select your transaction by clicking on the listing MLS number.
  3. To add or view transaction documents, click the Documents tab (example page shown below with documents)
    • You or other transaction participants can upload documents into connectMLS from other software programs. A document could be downloaded by another transaction participant to their computer and modified on their hard drive; however, the original document on the connectMLS server cannot be modified.
    • The privacy settings can be changed only by whoever uploaded the document.
    • Not only can you upload Word and Excel documents, but you can also upload scanned documents and photos in .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .tif and .pdf formats as well as others.
  4. To add a new document to your transaction, click the Add Document button.
  5. First, locate the document that is saved on your hard drive.
  6. Select which the appropriate Document Type and enter a Document Name. Note that the Document Name will match the Document Type if you do not edit it.
  7. Choose the Document’s Viewing Restrictions to decide who will be able to view your document. Note that if you want your document to only be accessible to certain parties you need to select Certain Transaction Participants, which will provide a checklist of people you can choose from. If you select All Transaction Participants then your document can be seen by everyone.
  8. Click Add to upload the document.
    • Note: In these formats, a scanned document with several pages is likely to be quite large. Large documents could take a long time to upload and load when viewing. A 1 Mega Byte file uploaded over a standard 56 KB Modem could take over 5 minutes to upload. The document will take significantly less time to load over a high speed connection which typically exists in most offices today.
  9. A copy of the email will be available in the History Log of the transaction management system to authorized viewers. The document will now be updated in the Documents tab of the transaction and, if applicable, the associated milestone will now be changed.


Updated on February 8, 2021

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