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The “My Clients” Page

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  1. Click the My Clients icon from any connectMLS screen. 
  2. To sort the list by column, click on the column title and the list will be sorted based on that category.
  3. To filter by last initial, select one of the letters to display all clients whose last name begins with that letter.
  4. To search by Client Status, Type, Last or First Name, E-mail or Public ID, click the Filter link. 
  5. Create custom 1-line reports for your clients by clicking the Edit Columns link next to the Report Type drop-down. Transfer the fields you do and do not want between the boxes displayed. 
  6. You can mass-edit and manage your clients by checking the box next to their full name and clicking one of the icons at the top of the page.
    • Send a message to one or more clients, and one copy will go to their email and the other will go to their private connectMLS web page.
    • Import client contacts from a file (comma, tab delimited or vCard format)
    • Export client contacts to a file (comma, tab delimited or vCard format)
    • Print contacts (mailing labels, summary list or detail reports)
    • Delete selected contacts.
      • Note: Your clients and their information will be gone forever. You can keep your contact information by making your client inactive.
    • Allow Reverse Prospecting
    • Disallow Reverse Prospecting
    • Change Status/Type for all selected contacts


Updated on March 2, 2021

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