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SmartBar Power Search Details

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The SmartBar can also use short-hand notation and keywords, representing criteria, to perform listing searches. (This is the same as the Power Search function in previous versions of connectMLS). In order to run an advanced search, you must enter the criteria (details below) and press Enter.

A few key parameters and tips for the search expression are described below:

DEFAULTS: If you do not include a keyword, certain defaults are assumed:

  • Status = All Active Statuses (NEW, ACTV, PCHG, etc.)
  • Property Type = Detached
  • Price = in thousands for all types except Residential Rental and Commercial

Symbols Supported:

  • “$” used for price
  • “+” used for minimum amounts ($300+)
  • “-” used for maximum amounts (e.g. $300-)
  • X-Y used for range (e.g. $300-400)

e.g. Search by Multiple Areas, Price Range, min # Beds, min # Baths:

area 8070,8073 $200-400 4+ beds 2+ baths

e.g. Search by City & Price:

city barrington $300-400

e.g. Search by Subdivision & Price Range:

sub lakelands $300-400

e.g. Search by Zip & Minimum Price:

60010 $600+

e.g. Search by Zip, Maximum Price, Square Feet Range:

60010 $4000- 2000-3000 sqft

Advanced Rules and Examples – “Natural Language/Keyword Listing Search”

To Search for Specific Property Types

The default property type is “Detached Single Family.” To search for other types, use any of the following keywords:

  • Detached Single Family: detached single, detached, de
  • Attached Single Family: attached single, attached, at
  • Two to Four Units: two to four units, mu
  • Mobile Homes: mobile homes, mobile home, mobile, mh
  • Vacant Land: land, vl
  • Residential Rental: rentals, rental, rn
  • Deeded Parking: deeded parking, boat slips, dp
  • Multi-Family 5+: multi-family, multi family, mf
  • Office/Tech: officetech, tech, oi
  • Business/Business With Real Estate: business, bu
  • Retail/Stores: retail stores, retail, stores, rs
  • Mixed Use: mixed use, mixed, co
  • Instut/To Develop: instut, develop, ot
  • Industrial: industrial, indus, in
  • Cross Property (Res): residential, res
  • Cross Property (Comm): commercial, comm.
  • *NOTE: Cross Property “All” is not supported yet.

To Search for other Statuses

By default, only “active” listings are searched (i.e. New, Active, Price Change, etc.). To search for other statuses, you can use the short code or long description of the status, as follows:

  • NEW, New
  • ACTV, Active
  • AUCT, Auction
  • BOMK, Back on Market
  • CTG, Contingent
  • PCHG, Price Change
  • RACT, Re-activated
  • TEMP, Temporarily No Showings
  • CANC, Cancelled
  • CLSD, Closed
  • EXP, Expired
  • PEND, Pending
  • RNTD, Rented

e.g. Search for Closed listings by area and price range: CLSD area 10 $300-500
e.g. Search for Price Change listings by area and min. price: Price Change area 10 $300+
e.g. Search for Expired and Cancelled listings by area: EXP,CANC area 10

To search for all statuses, use the “all” keyword.

e.g. Search for listings with any status by area and price range: all area 10 $300-500

Advanced Abbreviations

  • Beds/Baths
    • Searching by “beds” only includes “Above Grade” bedrooms.
    • The following may be used for beds: Bedrooms, bedroom, beds, bed, bds, bd, br
    • The following may be used for bathrooms:Bathrooms, bathroom, baths, bths, bth, bts, bt

e.g. Search by Area and Beds and Baths: area 10 2 bedrooms 2 bth

e.g. Further abbreviation for the above expression: area 10 2 2 (If no keyword is specified, beds and baths is implied with the first number being beds and the second being baths.)

e.g. Further abbreviation for the above expression:area 10 2 (If no keyword is specified and only one number is specified, beds and baths is implied and the number represents both)

  • Price
    • A value preceded by a $ symbol searches the “Search Price” field for residential sales and the Rental Price field for Residential Rental and commercial.
    • Prices are assumed to be in thousands of dollars (e.g. $100 = $100,000) for residential sales, otherwise they are in dollars (e.g. $1000 = $1,000 for rental and commercial search).
    • For clarity, you should always precede a price with a $. However, if you want to save keystrokes, you can enter a number range without a $ (or any other keywords), and it is assumed to be price if the number is greater than 20 (otherwise it is assumed to be beds/baths).

e.g. Search for area 10 listings between $300,000 and $400,000: area 10 $300-400

e.g. Further abbreviation for the above expression: area 10 300-400

e.g. The following searches for 3-4 bedrooms and 3-4 bathrooms: area 10 3-4

  • Square Feet
    • This does not include “0” matches. Omit “sqft” term if you do not want to limit to specified square feet values.
  • City
    • Power Search uses “Begins With” to search for city.
    • You cannot enter multiple words for a City. Instead, enter all or part of the first word.

e.g. To search for listings in the “Downers Grove,” enter: city downers or city down

  • Subdivision
    • You can use sub, subd, subdivision as keywords.
    • Power Search uses “Begins With” to search for subdivision.
    • You cannot enter multiple words for a Subdivision. Instead, enter all or part of the first word.

e.g. To search for listings in the “Penncross Knolls” subdivision, enter:
sub penncross or sub penn

  • Street Address
    • You cannot use the SmartBar to search only by a Numeric Street name (much like Quick Search on the connectMLS Home Page)

Questions, Answers, and Hints

  • Q: Are keywords case sensitive?

A: No, you can use upper, lower, mixed case.

  • Q: How do I remember if a keyword precedes or follows a search value?

A: The best way to remember is to consider how you would communicate your search needs to someone else using natural language. e.g. I want to find listings in “area 10” with “3 beds” and “2 baths” between “2000-2500 sqft,” in a price range of “$300K-400.” If that fails, you can commit the following to memory:
Search value goes AFTER: Area, Subdivision, City
Search value goes BEFORE: Beds, Baths, Sqft
Search value ONLY (no keyword): Price (must start with “$”), Property Type, Status, Zip (5 digit number)

  • Q: How do I know when to use the SmartBar, Quick Search, or “regular” search under the Search tab?

A: You may wish to remove the “Quick Search” widget from the Home Page, in which case Power Search will work well for MLS # & Address search, agent, office, client, and service partner search. As for the Natural Language type of search, if you have a few simple searches you perform frequently that only use the fields listed above, then SmartBar may be all you need. If you need to do Map searches, advanced begins with/ends with, or search by features, then you should use the General Search instead.

  • Hint: Don’t forget you can press the “Enter” key to run the search after you type the criteria.
  • Hint: The SmartBar remembers the criteria you last entered and displays this in the search box the next time you search.
  • Hint: To see what your search expression actually searched, after you find your search results, click “Refine Criteria” to see your translated expression on the Search Screen
Updated on December 6, 2018