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Search for Listings by MLS Number in the SmartBar

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    1. Type or paste the MLS number into the SmartBar.
      • Note that the SmartBar will start displaying results as you type, and it may not be necessary to type the full MLS Number before you see the listing you are looking for.
      • If you would like the SmartBar to only filter by listings (rather than the default behavior which filters by listings and Clients), you can precede your MLS Number with the keywords “mls”, “ln”, or “mlsno”.
    2. Click on the matching row if the desired listing is shown in the SmartBar.
      • If you click the orange “pop-out” icon the information will pop-up in an enhanced report that is optimized for mobile view.
      • If you click anywhere else on the row, it will show in the connectMLS search results screen where you can process it just as you would any other listing in connectMLS.
    3. You can also press Enter after entering the full MLS Number and it will have the same results as clicking on the row, as described above.

Updated on February 9, 2021

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