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Saved Searches/Templates

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A non-automated saved search or search template is simply saved for your convenience until you wish to use it. These searches do not run automatically and do not send results by email (this is how they differ from automated prospecting searches). You may save as many searches or search templates as desired.

  • Search Template– If you frequently use the same fields in your searches, but want to leave the criteria for all or some of the fields blank, you may wish to save a search template so that you do not need to add the same fields to your search every time. For example, if you often search for condos and use the same fields, but you use different criteria for those fields most of the time, you may save a search template containing all of these fields. You may leave the criteria for some or all of these fields blank so that you may quickly and easily pull up this saved template and complete your search with whatever criteria is needed at the moment.
  • Saved Search– If you frequently search by the same criteria, you may wish to save the search information so that you don’t need to re-enter it each time you search. For example, if you often search for condos downtown with 2 or more bedrooms and 2 or more baths under $200,000, you may save that search and re-run it quickly and easily whenever you like.
    1. To save a non-automatic search or search template begin by clicking the Search icon in the top toolbar, or by using the Hamburger menu on mobile devices.
    2. Add the Search fields and/or enter search criteria that you wish to save. If you would like to add additional search fields to your saved search/template, click the Add/Remove Fields button or toggle on the Advanced Options button.
    3. Click the Save Search link or icon.
    4. Provide a search name (required). 
    5. Do not select a client.
    6. Select Manual Search.
    7. Review or modify the search criteria and click Save.

Your saved search criteria or saved search template can be accessed from the My Searches menu under the Saved Searches section.

Use the sort tools to find your saved search, and easily load, edit or delete it.


Updated on February 24, 2021

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