Reverse Prospecting

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Reverse Prospecting is a way to match your sellers’ property listings with interested buyers. If you are the Selling Agent, when you enter your prospective buyer’s information into connectMLS, it is important that you check Yes for reverse prospecting if you want to take advantage of this service. The Listing Agent of the property that your buyer is interested in WILL NOT be able to see your buyer’s contact information. The Listing Agent will only be able to see your contact information (the Selling Agent’s contact info), and then they can only contact you to get more information.

  1. Click on View/Manage My Listings & Transactions under the Listings menu from the My MLS Home Page. Your listings will be displayed.
  2. Check the box of one or more of your listings, and then click Rev. Prospect from the main menu.
  3. The page (displayed below) gives you insight as to who is interested in your listing and access to a potential buyer’s agent. To contact the agent, click the Agent’s Name to access their contact info.
  4. To send them an email with pre-filled information about their client and your listing, click their email address on their online business card.
  5. To view the email activity for a listing from the reverse prospecting results, click the MLS Number. This will take you to the Activity Tab under the Transaction Management System (TMS) and show you the number of times your listing was emailed to prospective buyers along with statistics about their interests.


Updated on January 20, 2021

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