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Referring Your SP or VSP

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You can refer a Service Partner (SP) or Valued Service Partner (VSP) to your clients after you have added them to your My Service Partners contact list in connectMLS. When you refer an SP or VSP to a client, their contact information is displayed on your client’s private and secure connectMLS web page.

When you refer an SP or VSP to a client, they also receive information about that client on their private connectMLS web page. If you refer a VSP, your clients will have the opportunity to view the client’s contact information. If you refer an SP, your clients will receive limited information, including your name and your client’s name. You can refer your SP or VSP to your clients in two ways: Automatic Referral or Manual Referral.

  • This is how Valued Service Partners (VSP) view their Referral information from their private connectMLS web page: Referring your SP or VSP
  • Service Partners (SP) have limited information when it comes to viewing the Referral information you send from their private connectMLS web page, and must contact you to receive more information. This is how SPs view their referral information: Referring your SP or VSP 2
  • This is how your clients view the Service Partners (SP) and Valued Service Partners (VSP) you refer to them on their private, connectMLS Client web page:


Updated on March 3, 2021

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