Prospecting Manager

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The Prospecting Manager helps the agent manage their prospects more efficiently. You can see when a search last ran and when a client last viewed results. After loading your search on the search page and seeing that there are updates to share with your client, use the prospecting manager to re-run the prospect search. You can access the Prospecting Manager from the My MLS Home Page under the Automated Search Activity widget.

The Prospecting Manager can also be accessed from the top right corner of any page by clicking on the Prospecting Manager icon or by opening the Settings and Sign-Out menu and selecting Prospecting Manager.

After loading a saved search and noticing that the information has changed, click on the Prospecting Manager icon or link to further manage your prospects. The page below will be displayed.

    • Note: “Srch. ID” (Search ID) and “Cl. Pub. ID” (Client Public ID) are the IDs that are automatically created for your clients when you select “Yes” for Reverse Prospecting under the client’s information.

When viewing the Prospecting Manager, there is a variety of columns you can sort by. See the following diagram and corresponding list for details on these columns.

  1. To re-run a search, click on the Re-run icon.
  2. After a re-run, the Last Run column will be updated.
  3. The Viewed column will show if and when clients have viewed the prospects.
  4. Click on a Client’s Name to view the Client Detail Page.
  5. If you want to manually run a search without updating the search’s Last Run status, click on the Search Name.
  6. Create a new search or edit a search’s criteria by clicking on the Search Name or by clicking on the Pencil icon in the far right column.
  7. A search’s expiration date will be displayed in the Expires column.

The drop-down menu Saved Search Type will display different saved search types such as ManualAutomated Active/Expired, or All.
To extend the expiration of a search, click on the Extend Expiration link at the top. To edit emails or notifications sent to clients, click on the Notification Templates link at the top.


Updated on February 24, 2021

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