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Property Map/Driving Directions Report

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  1. To generate a Property Map or Driving Directions, click the Reports icon from the navigation menu bar.
    • Note: The same function can be accessed by searching for listings, then clicking the Driving Directions icon on the search results page.
  2. Click the Property Map/Driving Directions link.
  3. Enter the MLS Numbers for the properties you wish to plot, separated by commas.
  4. Click on the Get Map button.
  5. Select the MLS Numbers you wish to get directions for by checking the appropriate box.
  6. Follow steps 1-4 on the left side of the screen.
    • Step 1 – Select start location. (Start at my office, specify a start address, or start from the first address.)
    • Step 2 – Choose your stops. (Select by clicking on the numbers on the map or select below the map from the check boxes.) Use the Up or Down buttons to change the order of properties for optimal travel times.
    • Step 3 – Select an end location.
    • Step 4 – Get directions. (Either click on the Get Optimized Route or Get My Route link to initiate the map and directions.)
  7. The driving directions will display. To print your driving directions click Print. To email your driving directions and property map, click Email.


Updated on October 21, 2020

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