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Printing/Emailing CMAs

Print Friendly, PDF & Email

After filling out the CMA worksheet you can email it to a client and customize its appearance.

  1. Click Generate Report when you are finished creating your CMA.
  2. To print your CMA, click Print Report.
  3. Click Email Report to Client if you want to send the CMA to your client electronically, and the box shown below will pop up.
    • If your client is not in your contact list, you can add them on the fly.
      • Note: You can edit the Subject, Greeting and Message body of the email.
    • This email will automatically provide your client with a log-in to their private connectMLS client web page.
  4. When you are ready to send the message to your client click Send. A copy of the message and the report are saved in your Communication History Log for that client and will also be displayed in a message on the client’s connectMLS Home Page.

Note: When you email a CMA report to a client, the listing price and status values in the report are accurate at the time the report was prepared. Any changes in status or price in the comparables are not reflected in the CMA after the report is emailed.


Updated on March 18, 2019

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