New Workspace

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The New Workspace feature is available to all connectMLS users to allow multitasking. You can open a maximum of 3 New Workspaces.

Access the New Workspace link from anywhere in connectMLS by clicking on the Settings & Sign Out menu and selecting New Workspace, or by holding the Control + K keys simultaneously. 

You can also add the New Workspace icon to your Customizable Shortcuts menu. To do so, navigate to the Settings and Sign Out menu and select Edit Toolbar Shortcuts.

Check the box next to New Workspace, and click Save Toolbar Shortcuts.

The New Workspace icon will now be available from its toolbar icon.

You do not have to enter your ID and password again to open a new workspace.

If you try to add more than the maximum number of additional workspaces you will get the following warning: 

If you click OK you will deactivate your other session. When you click anything in the previous session you will get the following expired page:



Updated on February 25, 2021

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