Navigation Tips

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To Return to a Previous Screen

Remember not to use your browser’s back button! Whenever possible, use the buttons, links, tabs, and icons within connectMLS to navigate through the program.

Pop-Up Blockers

To maintain the full use of connectMLS, please add connectMLS to your browser’s list of Allowed Pop-Up Sites.

For Internet Explorer

Click on Tools from your browser’s screen.
Select Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings.
Type into the Address of website to allow box, then click Add and Close.

Tabbing through connectMLS

Use your mouse (or stylus or finger if using a mobile device) to navigate around connectMLS. You can also use your Tab key to progress to the next field when entering information on a screen, searching, or adding a listing.

Opening a New Workspace

To access different pages of connectMLS simultaneously, click the New Workspace link from the toolbar shortcut icon or Settings and Sign Out menu, or hold the Ctrl and K key at the same time. A new tab or window will appear allowing you to access a page in connectMLS without affecting your previous location. Click here to learn more.


Updated on March 18, 2021

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