My MLS Overview

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My MLS is your Home Page, which is made up of the following areas. The individual sections (widgets) on the connectMLS My MLS Home Page are described below.

  1. Shortcuts widget–
    • My Listings/Transactions – Access and manage all of your current listings and transactions. Click Add New Listing to open the Add New Listing page. You can access your listings/transactions from anywhere in connectMLS by clicking the Home icon in the top corner of any connectMLS screen.
    • My Favorites – Access all listings that you have marked as Favorites by clicking the Star icon.
    • My Clients – View your Client contact list and add any new clients to your database. You can access your Client contact list from anywhere in connectMLS by clicking the Client icon in the top right corner of any connectMLS screen.
    • My Service Partners – View contact information for all of your real estate service partners (lenders, inspectors, title officers, etc.), and add any new real estate service partners to your contact list. To add a new real estate service partner, click Add New Service Partner. You can access your service partners from anywhere in connectMLS by clicking the Service Partner icon in the top right corner of any screen in connectMLS.
  2. Bulletin Board – View important updates, company messages, alerts and information from your board/MLS here. Every other Thursday, there is also an e-Tip posted that provides you with extra hints and time-saving tricks for connectMLS features. You will be notified of new messages by the red circle notification for each tab.
  3. Client Messages – View and send new email messages to your Clients and/or other transaction participants. To send a new message, click Send Message.
  4. Client Activity – View recent client activity, with the option to filter which kind of activity as well as which client(s). Populates more entries the farther you scroll.
  5. Leads Inbox – Keeps a list of people who have submitted a leads form (if you have created one).
  6. Transaction Updates – Quickly view any changes in your transactions such as new messages, document uploaded, and status changes.
  7. Tools, Resources, & Links – New user hints, tutorials, marketing materials, etc. can be found here by clicking Tools, Resources or Links to expand the accordion menu to reveal more options.
  8. Market Activity – Get a quick snapshot of what is going on in your market. To view the listings for a market status, click the MLS number. Click Customize View to display the information as a graph, as well as specify which area and property types are displayed.
  9. Automatic Search Activity – View results from prospect searches. To view the results of the latest search, click on the MLS number.
    • Click the Prospecting Manager link or the Prospecting Manager icon in the top right corner of any connectMLS screen, to manage your prospects and saved searches.


Updated on March 3, 2021

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