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Modifying My Contact Information & Online Business Card

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  1. Select Settings from the Settings and Sign Out Menu in the upper right hand corner of the navigation menu bar.
  2. Click Modify my contact information & online business card link under Personal Information. Enter or change the desired contact information. You may also specify which fields you want to appear on your business card at the bottom of the page.
  3. When finished, click Save
  • Connect with your social networking sites.
  • You can modify your personal information but only the membership department of your Association of Realtors can change your name or office information (the grayed out boxes).
  • Do not delete your direct phone line!
  • This is how your information will appear on your electronic business card. 


  • The contact information dialog box lets you specify which fields you want displayed on your business card. Business cards are displayed on listing reports and client web pages, and in the transaction management system.
  • Your business card and personal information is initially populated with fields from your Realtor association’s membership roster.
  • Information changed here will not automatically update your current Resume/Bio or CMA reports.
  • Most of your contact information on this page is for your information only. 
  • Business Card Settings at the bottom of the window to change how much information other users in connectMLS can see.


Updated on March 1, 2021

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