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Manually Refer Service Partners

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  1. Click the My Clients icon from the main toolbar to locate the client that you would like to refer your Service Partner to.
  2. Click on your client’s name to display their Client Detail Page.
  3. From the referrals area at the right hand side of the dashboard, click Add/Edit Referrals.
  4. Check the box or boxes next to the Service Partner(s) you would like to refer to your client. If you want to remove a referral from your client’s view, uncheck the box next to the Service Partner’s name. 
  5. If you want to email your new referral to the appropriate parties, check the boxes at the top of the screen to Notify your Client and Notify the Service Partner of the referral.
  6. Click Save when finished and your referred Service Partner will now show up on your client’s private connectMLS web page. Likewise, your client will show up under your Service Partner’s My Referrals tab on their private connectMLS web page.


Updated on March 3, 2021

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