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Hotsheet Search

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The hotsheet is an easy way to stay informed of what’s going on in the local real estate market. By specifying a certain time frame you can track sales, adjustments in prices, and additional or expired listings.

Hover over the Search icon on the navigational menu bar.

Select Hotsheet from the drop-down list. The following screen will display.

Select the number of days back to search (from TODAY up to 30) or select a specific date from the calendar drop-down box.

Identify the Status of the properties that interest you.

Next choose a Property Type for your Hotsheet search.

Include AreaSearch Price, and/or List Office ID if desired. If you want to change your search criteria, click Add/Remove Fields or check the Show Advanced Options box.

If you want to save your search criteria, click the on the Save Hotsheet Search link at right of the screen.

To view search results, click View Results.

To print or email your Hotsheets, check the boxes to the Hotsheets you want and click Quick Print/Advanced Print/Email.


Updated on March 4, 2021