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Emailing Listings to Buyers

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  1. From search results, select the check boxes to the left of the listings you would like to send in an email, and click the Email icon or link from the More Actions Ellipses menu.
  2. Select the client to whom you would like to send the selected listings from the drop-down menu, or if your client’s contact information has not yet been added, click Add a New Client and fill out the required information. Alternatively, you can click Send one-time email if you wish to send an email to someone without adding them to your contacts. This will provide the recipient with a link to a basic web page from which they can view the listings, but be aware that they won’t be able to favorite or comment. The link will be active for 30 days. To BCC to your own email, check the BCC me box.
    • Note: You will not receive the exact email that your Client received. You will receive an email with a link to the your Client’s detail page. To see what properties were sent to your client, click on My Clients from the MLS Home Page > click on the Client’s name > scroll down to the bottom of the detail page.
  3. Choose a Folder Name or Add a new folder. You can use the same name to group similar properties each time you email search results to a particular client.
  4. To display the properties you are sending under a previously created group name, select the name from the current property group’s drop-down list.
    • Note: Prospecting search groups are indicated by “**”. To create a new property group, type the group name in the text box. Be sure to use meaningful names such as “Downtown Condos”, “Chicago – 2 Car Garage”, etc.
  5. Select the type of report that your client will access when viewing results from the Listing Details drop-down menu.
  6. Modify the Subject and Message Body if you so desire. Or choose from a Template you have created and saved to use.
  7. If desired, select Include my connectMLS business card when this message is sent, and click Send.
    • Note: Only the text on your business card and not your picture on will be included as the signature in your email. Your client will see your picture when they click the link to view the properties on their private connectMLS Client web page. 


Updated on February 24, 2021

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