CMA Subject Property

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The Subject Property tab in the CMA worksheet appears as one of the cover pages in your final CMA report, and it is used as the reference property in a side-by-side comparison of your comparables.

  1. After creating a CMA report you can change the Subject Property information by clicking the Subject Property tab under CMA Worksheet. 
  2. Here you can add a photo and enter information for the property, or you can auto-fill from an MLS listing.
    • If the property is currently or once was listed in the MLS a photo along with other features of the subject property can be automatically filled by typing the MLS number.
    • You have the option to Add/Remove Fields that appear on the Subject Property page and in the side-by-side detail listing reports and the Comps. Adjustments tab.
    • You can check the appearance of your subject property page by clicking the Generate Report button. First, you may want to customize the title.
  3. Frequently click Save when working on your CMA.


Updated on October 20, 2020

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