CMA Net Proceeds

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The Net Proceeds worksheet allows you to include a report in your CMA that estimates the total funds a seller will receive or pay when their home is sold. Note that the same Net Proceeds worksheet can be found in the financial tools area of connectMLS.

  1. After creating comparables for a client’s CMA, you can then modify the Net Proceeds for your seller by clicking on the Net Proceeds tab under your new CMA.
  2. The net proceeds worksheet contains a list of common fees associated with the sale of most residential properties. Check a box at the top of each column to display a side-by-side comparison for different financing options that might be used by a buyer. To omit a financing option, uncheck the box above the column. 
    • For Misc. Expenses you can add-in your own expenses for your seller.
    • connectMLS provides an average price for any sold comparables. Price adjustments and average adjusted price are also provided to specify a different sale price to use.
  3. Next, specify the closing costs that may be associated with the sale of the property. Some of the values have been predefined for your review and use, but you can change any of those values and save them to be your own personal defaults.
  4. To calculate the total charges and balance for each financing option, click Calculate Totals.
  5. Click Save to add Net Proceeds to your CMA or to view the net sheet in the final report click on Generate Report.


Updated on October 20, 2020

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