CMA Comparables

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  1. Choose whether the CMA is for a seller or if it is being used as an analysis for a buyer.
    • There are two key differences between a seller and buyer CMA in connectMLS. The first is the absence of net proceeds in the buyer CMA. The other key difference is the default terminology used to describe a suggested market price for the subject property in question.
  2. Either enter in an MLS number or click Find Comparables to find properties that are comparable to your listing to fill out search fields. You can also add comparables that are not in connectMLS by clicking on Add comparable from outside source.
    Note: If you click Find Comparables you will be shown the following message. Click OK to proceed to the search page.
  3. Next, fill out the Search criteria page, as shown below. When done, you can view results in Map form, List form or both Map & List if your browser size allows.
    • By clicking the Add/Remove Fields button, you can add or delete certain fields into your search criteria as shown below.
  4. A one-line summary page will be displayed. Select the boxes next to the properties that you want to add to your CMA report. Click on the Add to CMA icon (circled in orange in the below image) at the top of the page.
  5. Here you can add the comparables to an existing CMA or create a new CMA.
  6. Frequently click Save while working on your CMA.


Updated on February 25, 2021

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