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Client Portal Default Settings

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From this page you can set the defaults to permit access to the various sections of the Client connectMLS Portal (also called Client Web Page). You can set up preferences according to client type/status. When you send your clients information from connectMLS (property listings, CMA reports, Real Estate Forms, etc.), they sign in to their own private and secure connectMLS web page that was created automatically when you added them to your connectMLS contact list.

  1. Select Settings from the Settings and Sign-Out menu in the upper right hand corner of the navigation menu bar.
  2. Next, click the Client portal defaults link under My Defaults.
    • Clicking on Portal Type allows you to select whether you want your clients to use the “Modern/Mobile friendly” or “Classic” version of the portal.
    •  Clicking on Web Page Links allows you to customize the links and type of data you may be providing to your clients through the portal.
    • Clicking on Business Network Introductory Message allows you to override the default introductory message displayed to clients. 
  3. When finished, click Save.

Note: You may set client Web Page preferences by individual client by clicking Edit in the upper right corner of the Client Information preferences page, located under My Clients.


Updated on March 1, 2021

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