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When you add a client’s information to your contact list, connectMLS automatically generates a personalized client web page for your client, branded with your information. Here connectMLS logs all of the communication between you and your client including messages, properties, and various documents (i.e., CMAs, financial reports, flyers, and real estate forms). You can also refer Service Partners to your clients and their contact information will appear here on their Home Page.

The connectMLS Client Portal is available on any browser or device.

The following is what your client will see when they log into connectMLS:

Folders present the listings to your clients. The folders house prospecting searches or a set of listings that you manually email to them. When are you sending the email to your client, you will be prompted for a folder name.

Once one of the folders is clicked, the Property Viewing drop-down menu allows your clients to access all folders from the secondary white toolbar, making it even easier to navigate between multiple searches you may have set up for them.

Clients can view listings in 1-line SummaryBrief reports, and Detailed reports by clicking on a filter above the listings. A 1-line Summary allows clients to easily visualize an entire set of listings on a single page. Brief reports are the same reports clients are used to. Detailed reports can be viewed in the same browser and not as a pop up.

Your clients can specify their favorites or dislikes by clicking the InterestedMaybe, or Not Interested boxes above the listings you send to them. They can also access their favorites from the Your Favorites folder.

When your clients check an interest box or enter a note in the Comments box it is saved automatically and immediately. There is no need to click a Save button.

A client can manually send a note to their Realtor about interests by clicking the Email Realtor link above the listings. Also, when a client logs out, an email summarizing the number of interests marked and notes can be automatically sent to their Realtor.

Note: In order to receive automatic notifications about your clients’ interests, you must enable Client Activity Notification by doing the following:

  1. Click on Settings from the Settings & Sign-Out menu in the top right corner of the navigational toolbar.
  2. Click on Prospecting Defaults.
  3. Under Client Activity Notification, check Notify me when a client marks interests in a property.
  4. Click Save

Once this function is enabled, an email will be sent to the Realtor, which also displays on the Home Page when they login. The message looks similar to the following example:

Attention: This message was sent to you by connectMLS on behalf of your client Bob Buyer.

Bob Buyer has reviewed the listing you emailed, and marked their interest as follows:

Number Marked INTERESTED: 4
Number Marked MAYBE: 1
Number Marked NOT INTERESTED: 1

When the link is clicked in the email or on the Home Page, the Realtor is automatically linked to the client information area.

Client Searching

Clients can search for listings within their portal just as you can from the Smartbar on any page in connectMLS. By navigating to the Search Listings tab in their portal, they can enter criteria such as zip code/area, price minimum and maximum limit, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and more. Clients can save searches to come back to later by clicking Save.



Updated on March 3, 2021

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