Client Detail Page

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  1. Click on the My Clients link on the My MLS Home Page.
  2. Click on a Client’s Full Name to open their Client Detail Page or by clicking on the link under Last Viewed. When you enter client information into connectMLS, a dashboard is automatically generated with that client’s information. Here you are able to log all communication between you and your client, save searches, perform searches, edit client web page preferences, save CMA worksheets, begin CMA reports, send messages directly from this page, and list referred real estate service partners for each client.
  3. The Client Detail page shown above generates a personalized web page for your client. To view your client’s private web page, click on the View Portal link as shown above.
  4. You can view your client’s recent activity from the Activity Feed on their Client Detail page as shown in the below example. This feed is customizable just like the Client Activity Widget on your My MLS Home page.
  5. To edit the information on your client’s personal web page, click on the Edit link. 

You can change your client’s status to Inactive after closing, and your client will no longer have access to their private Web Page.

Edit Client Information

connectMLS gives you the ability to change your client’s status so you can automatically personalize your clients’ web pages, automatically refer your service partners, and print mailing labels based upon your client’s status and type.

  1. To access your client database, click the My Clients icon in the top right corner of connectMLS.
  2. Click on a client’s Full Name to access their detailed information.
  3. This opens up the Client Detail Page. From here you can edit your client’s contact information, edit their web page preferences, or refer Service Partners to them under the Referrals tab.

Reading Client Messages

  1. To read messages that your client has sent to you from their private connectMLS Client Web page, click the number on the My MLS page under the Client Messages widget.
  2. This will take you into the Client Detail Page for your client. Here you can view the communication log between you and your client, which records any interaction between you and your client — messages, sent property searches, CMAs, forms, phone calls, faxes, etc.


Updated on March 3, 2021

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