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When you email a listing report to a client, connectMLS includes a link that opens the client’s web page automatically created by connectMLS. This is what a client will see on their personal web page:


After your client clicks on the name of the search or the number of new properties, they will see the group’s listings formatted in a brief, interactive report.

From the report, your client will then have the opportunity to view additional property details and interact with you by reflecting their level of interest in the property and/or inserting questions or comments, all from within the context of the report.


  • The status and price values are accurate at the time the listings are viewed.
  • Listings which are canceled or which have expired are no longer accessible from your clients’ properties of interest list. However, you do have access to canceled and expired listings which were once marked interested.
  • Both you and your clients can view listings in which your clients were explicitly “Not Interested” by checking a box at the bottom of the Properties of Interest list.

Notifications that a client has viewed the properties you have sent and marked their interest will automatically be sent to your connectMLS account Home Page.


Updated on February 25, 2021

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