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Adding Service Partners to a Transaction

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There are two levels of service providers in connectMLS; Service Partners (SP) and Valued Service Partners (VSP). A VSP can make modifications to a transaction in the Transaction Management System (TMS) for which they have been added as a participant with your permission. For more information about Valued Service Partners (VSP) and Service Partners (SP), watch the connectMLS video tutorials herehere, and here.

  1. Click on the My Listings/Transactions link on the My MLS Home Page.
  2. Select the transaction from your inventory list, choose listing agent or selling agent, and then click the MLS number.
  3. To add a Service Partner (either a VSP or SP) to a transaction, click the Participant tab.
  4. Click on the Add Participant link, then click the type of participant from the list that you want to add to this transaction (see example of participants list below). 
    • Note: If you do not see any Service Partners in your current list, then you’ll see the following screen display. Follow the online directions and your Service Partner will be added to your connectMLS “My Service Partner” contact list, and you’ll be brought back and continue on with #5 below. If you see a list of Service Partners then move on to #5 below.
  5. Next you will be presented with a list of Service Partners from your connectMLS My Service Partner contact list. Select the participant you want added to this transaction by checking the box next to their name, and clicking Next. They are now added to this transaction and will receive an email notifying them of their participation in this transaction. If they are a Valued Service Partner, then you will benefit from their ability to give you real-time updates.
  6. If you want to add a new Service Partner at this time, check the box at the bottom of the screen, click Next
    • When added to a transaction, Valued Service Partners (VSP) have the ability to do everything listed below, while Service Partners (SP) are only capable of doing the first three items listed in teal. For more information about VSPs/SPs, watch the connectMLS tutorials herehere, and here.
      • Sign into connectMLS and access the contract of the transaction
      • Receive and view messages sent from connectMLS by transaction participants
      • Receive service order requests sent by Realtors from connectMLS 
      • View transaction milestones
      • View transaction participant contact information
      • Change transaction milestones pertinent to their role in the transaction
      • Easily send messages to connectMLS transaction participants
      • View real estate documents added to the transaction by other participants
      • Add real estate documents to the transaction for other participants to view
      • Customize the service order process for their business to provide REALTORS(R) with better service
      • Invite co-workers to participate in the transaction
      • Order services from their own service partner contacts (as applicable)
  7. If you checked the box at the bottom of the screen above, a list of all the companies that provide the service in question will be displayed next. If you see your Service Partner’s company name check the box next to it and click Next. Your Service Partner’s name may display on the next screen, if they are a Valued Service Partner in connectMLS.
  8. If you do not see your Service Partner’s name in the contact list, then check the box at the bottom of the screen, and click Next. On the next screen you can now add a new service partner on-the-fly. Complete the contact information and click Next. The Service Partner is added both to your contact list and as a transaction participant.

For more information on how to add a new Service Partner to your contact list, see the Service Partners section.


Updated on February 8, 2021

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