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Adding Buyers/Sellers to a Transaction

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When a listing is added to connectMLS, the listing agent is automatically added as a transaction participant. The listing agent can immediately add the seller as a transaction participant in order to start exchanging information and documents, and to update the status of their property listing.

When a property is placed under contract (i.e., Pending, Pending S B) the selling agent (i.e., buyers agent) is automatically added to the transaction and can add other participants such as buyers, lender, inspectors, etc. to the transaction.

  1. First, access the Transaction Management System (TMS) from the My Listings/Transactions link on My MLS Home Page.
  2. Next, select the transaction from your inventory list, choose whether you are the listing agent or selling agent, and then click the MLS number.
  3. To add a seller or buyer as a participant to the transaction, click the Participants tab.
  4. Then click the Add Participant button and select either the Seller or Buyer.
  5. You then have the option of selecting your client from your contact list in connectMLS from the drop-down menu, or adding them at this time if they are not currently in your connectMLS contact list. When you have selected the client from your contact list or entered their contact information, click the Add button.
    • Note: If you represent both Seller and Buyer you can add them both.  

The address of the property is assumed to be the seller’s address. You can change it if this is not the case.

If you want the seller to be notified when they have been added to the transaction, include their email address.

Note: A listing agent cannot add a buyer to a transaction unless they are both the listing agent and the selling agent for that transaction.


Updated on February 8, 2021

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