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  1. You can manage your Listings and Transactions or add a new listing into connectMLS from the My MLS Home Page. To begin adding a Listing, click on the Add New Listing button under the My Listings/Transactions link.  
  2. You can either start a listing from scratch or select from your list of saved drafts (partials). To retrieve and continue with a saved draft, check the box next to the listing and click Continue
  3. For our purposes we will click Continue and start a new listing. First you must select a Property Type
  4. Next, specify how to enter in your listing data. You can either manually enter the listing data or auto-populate from other sources, such as:
    • Tax records- Select your listing’s county, provide part of the address, and the data will be auto-populated from that county’s tax record.
    • Your MLS listings- Cloning is where you copy most of the data from an existing listing and is also supported between Single Residential and Residential Rental. You can only clone your own listings that have been in the MLS.
    • CMA Subject Properties- You can only pull information from your own CMAs.
  5. Click Next when finished entering any required information. If you choose to auto-populate, connectMLS searches for records that match the address you entered. Find the record that you want to use and click Next, as shown on the screen below. 
  6. The next step asks you to enter basic listing information, i.e., property location, list price, list date, etc.
    • If you choose to auto-populate from one or more sources, the majority of the fields will be filled in for you, as shown below. 
    • If you decided to enter in a listing manually, connectMLS will continue to provide you with data accuracy. connectMLS‘s data accuracy checks the mapping software to verify address information, and also checks to ensure that this listing is not duplicated in the same property type or class. If your information does not match the mapping software, you will receive an error message.
      • Note: With the exception of “Out of Area” listings, zip codes and townships may only be entered if they are contained in the drop down tables. If you come across instances where zip codes or townships are missing from these tables, please notify MRED Rules & Regulations Department either by faxing a connectMLS Table Error Request form (available on www.mredllc.com under Documents>MRED Rules & Regulations) or by email to [email protected]
  7. After you have finished filling in the fields on screen shown above, click Save & Continue.
  8. At this point, your listing is saved as Draft (Partial) until completed, and you may choose to complete the new listing at this point or return at a later time.
  9. The listing’s entry screens are divided into sections, and the information is automatically saved as you move from tab to tab. Each tab will have the option to preview your listing by clicking link. You can also click Save as a Draft at any time throughout the adding process.
  10. When you are finished entering all of your listing information and are ready to submit it as a new listing, click the Save & Continue button.
  11. If your data has any errors, the affected sections will be highlighted in red (see below). 
  12. Errors must be corrected before the listing can be saved. Click on the tab(s) to correct the problem(s). After correcting the error(s), click Save New Listing.
  13. Your listing will then be sent for more in-depth checks to make sure it conforms to the MLS rules and regulations. If you receive additional detailed error messages, you will have the chance to correct them before proceeding.
    • Note: Alerts and Warnings can be saved, but the Board will be notified of any inconsistencies in your listing.
  14. Once you have successfully added the listing, you will see the assigned listing number and have the opportunity to print the listing. To learn how to edit one of your listings, see Edit Listings.
    • Note: Listings containing the following will not be able to be assigned a Listing Number:
      • Website Address(s)
      • Email Address(s)
      • Phone Number(s)
      • Verbiage relating to “Open House”, “Sales Center”, or “See Agent Remarks” (Agents may place the above references in the Agent Remarks section of the listing)
      • Listings containing “Per Plat” or “Per Survey” for Detached Single Family & 2-4 Unit properties


Updated on November 20, 2018