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You can add clients to your My Clients contact list in connectMLS.

  1. Click the Add New Client link under the Shortcuts section on the My MLS Home Page.Alternatively, you can add a new client by navigating to the My Clients page and clicking Add Client.
  2. Enter the basic client contact information and select More Details to access additional fields (see example below). 
    • You can select multiple Types for the new client by clicking on the different values one-by-one. To delete a value, press the X next to it.
    • For Allow Reverse Prospecting, if you select Yes, when a listing agent does a reverse prospecting search on their listings, your information will appear on any of their properties if:
      – Their listing was emailed to your client
      – Their listing matches the criteria of your client’s search
      – Your client marked an interest level in their listing

  3. When finished, click Add.


  • Client information can also be added on-the-fly, throughout connectMLS, wherever client contact information is needed to complete an operation (e.g., when emailing listings to a client).
  • A personalized connectMLS Web Page is created automatically for each client you add to your contact list. Clients can access it as soon as you make their login link available to them by sending listings, CMA reports, etc. If you mark your client “Inactive” or remove them from your contact list, they can no longer sign in.


Updated on February 23, 2021

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