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Getting Started Guide

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Thanks for your interest in connectMLS! connectMLS is a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) solution that has full functionality on any device so you can work efficiently from anywhere. It was designed from the ground up with the perspective of an Agent, & features powerful, intuitive tools that you can harness to provide your Clients with exceptional service in an environment professionally branded with your information! This guide will walk you through everything you need to get started in connectMLS.


Accessing connectMLS

  • To access connectMLS, navigate to https://www.sdmls.com and select MLS Login.
  • Enter your Member Number and Password.

  • Select connectMLS from the available Quick Link options.

  • You will now be signed into connectMLS.

What Makes connectMLS so Mobile-Friendly?

  • connectMLS is available on any device with internet access, including mobile and tablet devices. You will never have to download or update an app. All features are accessible from any internet browser and will retain their full functionality.
  • connectMLS can detect the dimensions of the device you’re using, and automatically adjust its layout to present you with a user-friendly experience on any device.
  • When using a device with smaller dimensions (like a Smartphone), all buttons are available in mobile-friendly sizes and additional features and options can be accessed by clicking the hamburger menu in the top left corner.

Branding Your connectMLS Environment

  • Whenever you share something from connectMLS (ex. emailing a Client a listing, printing a CMA, etc.) you can choose to include your professional branding. Your branding can include things like a photo, your contact information, a resume/bio, and any links to personal websites or social media sites that you would like to share. As such, this is a great place to start when setting up your account.
  • To do so, navigate to Settings from the Settings & Sign Out menu.

  • You can preview how your information will be displayed from the My Business Card section, and make changes to it using the links in the Personal Information section.

  • If you are a Broker or Office Manager, you can add your company logo and/or edit the color scheme to reflect your corporate branding as well. Any changes you make to your office branding will be applied to all accounts within your office as well.
  • Those changes can be made from the Manage Office section of your Settings page.

Engaging with Clients in connectMLS

  • Given its Agent-centric design, connectMLS has a wide variety of features designed to strengthen the Agent-Client relationship.
  • For example, when an Agent adds a Client to their connectMLS database, a secure Client Web Page is automatically created for the Client. Their portal serves as a central hub for all communication, searches, listings, documents, etc. related to their transaction, and is branded with your Agent information.
  • An example of a Client Web Page is below.

  • From their Client Web Page, Clients can review listings that you have sent and communicate their feedback with you, save a list of favorite properties, search the MLS using consumer-friendly search filters, save searches and share all criteria with you, and contact any Service Partners (ex. loan officers, inspectors) that you have recommended to them to facilitate efficient transactions.
  • Their Client Web Page is also mobile-friendly and can be accessed from any device.

  • Once added, you can send your Clients a number of helpful resources from within connectMLS including messages, listings, searches, CMAs, financial reports, Area Market Surveys, driving directions, and much more.
  • Let’s look at the process of adding Clients to connectMLS so that they can have access to all of these features.
  • If there are Service Partners you typically recommend to your Clients, you can add them to your database prior to adding Clients, and then have the option to refer them automatically whenever a Client is added. Doing so in this order will ensure that the Service Partner information will be visible for all intended Clients with less clicks.
  • To do so, navigate to the My Service Partners page and click Add New.

  • After adding the Service Partner’s information, you can choose whether you’d like to automatically refer them to your Clients, and if so, which type of Clients (ex. Buyers, Sellers) you would like to refer them to.

  • Once added and referred, your Service Partner’s contact information will be included in your Client’s Web Page, and the Clients will be able to contact them as needed.

  • You can add Clients to your database in connectMLS manually one at a time, or import multiple Clients at once from the My Clients page.

  • To see how to import or add Clients firsthand, please view the Adding Clients Video Tutorial.
  • Once added to your My Clients list, click on any Client’s name to view their Client Dashboard. From the Client Dashboard, you can easily see and edit all Client information, view their recent activity, listings they have favorited, searches you or they have created, and much more. You can also message your Client from here or click View Portal to see what they see upon signing into their Client Web Page.

  • Aside from the My Clients page, you can also easily view recent activity from all Clients from the Client Activity widget on the My MLS Home Page.

  • It features a timestamped communication log between the Agent and all Clients, and can be accessed from mobile device to facilitate seamless communication on-the-go.

Helpful Home Page Tools

  • Your My MLS Home Page is the first thing you see upon signing in to connectMLS and has a number of features that are designed to update you on any changes since you last signed in and navigate intuitively throughout the system.

Customizable Widgets

  • Widgets are moveable sections that are outlined with a box. They display data that includes the following: Client Activity, Bulletins, Shortcuts, Market Activity, Transaction Updates, Links, Automatic Searches, & Client Messages.

  • You can choose where you would like each widget to be located by clicking on the title, dragging it to the intended location, and releasing.
  • The Bulletins widget displays important communications from your MLS and Office, so it can be moved to a different column, but will remain at the top of the screen.

  • The Client Activity widget can be moved anywhere, but can get lengthy as it shows a feed of all communication between Clients and an Agent. As such, it’s recommended to make sure no other widgets are located beneath it.

  • The SmartBar is a powerful and efficient search tool available at the top of every page in connectMLS on any device.

  • As you enter criteria into the SmartBar, it displays a list of relevant items. You can click on any item to navigate to it for extremely efficient navigation.

  • Clicking within the empty SmartBar without entering criteria will show a timestamped list of all recent activity. This makes it very easy to get back to what you were previously working on, even when switching between devices.

One-Click Access to Features with the Toolbar

  • The Toolbar Menu located at the top of every page in connectMLS allows you to conveniently access a function by selecting the appropriate shortcut icon.
  • The shortcuts to the left of the SmartBar are standard (can’t be removed) and display drop-down menus with additional options, while those to the right are customizable and can be displayed or hidden based on your personal preferences.

  • You can choose which Toolbar Shortcuts to display from the Settings & Sign Out menu.

Ability to Multitask with the New Workspace Shortcut

  • We know how busy Agents are, so connectMLS provides the ability to multitask by opening multiple tabs/workspaces. For example, if you are in the middle of editing a listing when you get a call from a Client, you can open a new tab to help the Client without losing your spot in the original tab.
  • To do so, click the New Workspace link from the Toolbar Shortcut menu, Settings & Sign Out menu, or by holding the Ctrl and k key on your keyboard at the same time.

Feature Overview

  • As a comprehensive MLS solution, there are many robust features in connectMLS. This guide will cover a brief overview of the main features, but extensive additional resources about each feature in greater detail are located in the Help Center which is available any time you’re signed into connectMLS.
  • The Search experience in connectMLS can be highly customized as well and includes access to a number of powerful tools.
  • From the Search Filters page, you can refine criteria to create and save detailed searches, add/remove fields to find what you need, access previous and saved searches, and easily view how many listings match your search dynamically.

  • All of the same features and abilities are available from any mobile device.

  • It’s easy to view search results using a number of available views, access convenient listing reports, and interact with listings from the action items at the top of the page.

  • The data source is indicated with a color-coded dot, so you can easily distinguish where the listing came from, but regardless of the source, the listing reports are convenient to read.

  • Additional report types are also available at any time from the dropdown menu.

  • At any point in the search experience, you can turn on the map to center on a geographic area, draw boundaries with convenient shapes, and view layers.


  • From the Listings page, you can manage your listings and transactions, add new listings to connectMLS, add/edit photos, look at virtual tours, open houses, and edit your listing and its status.


  • From the Reports page, you can generate Comparative Market Analyses (CMAs), develop Statistical Reports, create customized One-Line Report templates, auto-populate Property Flyers using MLS data, & much more.


  • You can access, fill out, print, and email real estate forms from the Forms page.


  • connectMLS also features an embedded Transaction Management System that provides a centralized location where you can communicate and collaborate with your Buyers, Sellers, and Service Partners.
  • Once added, participants can easily share messages, documents, and milestones, and see listing activity.


  • Along with the Client engagement features previously documented, connectMLS also provides a convenient way to organize and view all Clients at once from the My Clients page.


  • When viewing listings, you can easily select any that you would like to monitor and save them using the Favorites action icon.
  • You can assign them to specific folder, or your general list of Favorites.

  • You can access all listings that you have previously marked as Favorites from the My Favorites icon on the Toolbar Menu.

Customizing Your connectMLS Experience

  • connectMLS was designed to help all Agents work efficiently despite differences in personal preferences or workflows.
  • To accomplish this goal, an entire section of customizable defaults is available from the Settings page.

  • Each topic in the My Defaults section can be customized to exactly suit your needs.

  • Upon getting started in connectMLS, it is recommended to spend some time going through your defaults & customizing them. Investing this time at the beginning can save you significant time down the line by minimizing clicks.
  • For example, you can create email templates that use fields like “First Name” and allow you to send personalized messages in your own voice to multiple Clients without typing the entire message each time.
  • You can also customize how you would like to view data by adjusting your Display Settings.
  • Display Settings determine the spacing and theme applied to your connectMLS environment and can be changed at any time from the Settings & Sign Out menu.

Learning More About connectMLS

  • Given the wide range of features available in connectMLS, more detailed explanations may be beneficial. As such, a searchable knowledge base is available whenever signed into connectMLS.
  • The Help Center is available from the Toolbar Menu and includes Video Tutorials, a comprehensive Online Manual, FAQs, and access to Customer Support.